Principal / Licensee
P: 610 369 77
M: 0423 467 515

Joyce emigrated to Perth, Australia from Singapore in 2003 with her husband and their lovely daughter, Joelyn.

She has been in the building and real estate industry ever since her graduation with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Civil Engineering in the UK. She had previously worked as a Structural Engineer, a Property Project Manager and a Director of a building construction firm in Singapore.

Her previous experience in the building industry, therefore, has placed her in an ideal position to continue to service the real estate industry here in Perth. As such, she continues to dedicate herself fully to this challenging, rewarding and satisfying career. She believes in a friendly, reliable, conscientious, dedicated and flexible service to her clients and she is willing to go beyond her call of duty to assist her clients in any way possible. Such is her dedication to and success in the real estate industry.

Joyce strongly believes that being a real estate agent is not only about selling houses but having that passion to fulfil the dreams of prospective homeowners, be it owning their own homes or building an investment portfolio for themselves. As a result of this passion, she has established an extensive network and further has built up a substantial pool of local and overseas clientele.

Joyce speaks English and Mandarin, including Cantonese, Teochew and Hokkien dialects. She loves meeting with people of all race, regardless of their gender or social status and she enjoys sharing the grace, love and joy of being a Christian with them.